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New Approaches Are Needed.

Our national transport system faces unprecedented challenges. These challenges affect the safety and mobility of its users across all modes of transport and the ability of government agencies to effectively manage, operate and meet there goals.

Traditional solutions alone cannot hope to solve these issues.

Intelligent Transport Solutions.

MAVAMBO its is committed in providing the latest in cutting edge solutions, services and systems to benchmark the future of this industry.

The safety of our road users are our number one priority!

AARTO Ready.

MAVAMBO its has invested significant time and money into resolving the problems associated with such a big systems integration.
We have an in-depth understanding of the requirement that such integration may require and can assure a seamless transitioning for any law enforcement agency.
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Debt Collection.

MAVAMBO its have a keen understanding off the importance of an successful debt collection system we therefore focused allot of resources at this aspect. Online Payments, Roadside Pay Points, Improved Customer Notifications, Public Awareness Campaigns Smart Road Block Systems, Smart Patrol Vehicles and ANPR Systems.

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Our Goal.

To assists any and all law enforcement agency's towards meeting the National Department of Transport Strategy:

Lead the development of integrated efficient transport systems by creating a framework of sustainable policies, regulations and implementable models to support government strategies for economic, social and international development.

Custom Solutions.

"MAVAMBO its" together with our state of the art Design and Build Team and partners like VisionHAWK and Pips Technologies have the right solution for every scenario from custom installations to covert operational vehicles.
"Crashes don't just happen – they are caused. The principle cause is speed. The faster the vehicle is going, the more severe the injury to the occupants. I have been involved in highway safety for 40 years at a national level, working to reduce the impact of crashes through such innovations as better bumpers, seatbelts, shoulder harnesses and airbags. Traffic cameras goes a monumental step beyond – they eliminate crashes – and you don't need an airbag for a crash that didn't happen!" - Thomas C. Morrill. US Department of Transportation.
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